Sunday, March 30, 2008

Feeding the Geese

Aleeyah and I spent some time outside this afternoon soaking up the sun, playing in the sand, and feeding the geese and ducks. I took some video of our extravaganza and even some of her in the sandbox. I haven't uploaded the one of her in the sandbox, but will try to do that tomorrow so we can share. We both had a good time! The video has a bit of wind noise, but some of the things Aleeyah says just cracks me up! Oh, and to quickly explain the fact that Aleeyah is throwing bread and saying sorry-she started doing that after I hit one of the geese with some bread and quickly apologized. She didn't quite understand!

Check back soon for the other video and some pictures!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Professional Pig Rider!

Last night, we went out to eat with Chris' parents, Mark & Benita and my sister-in-law, Lauren. She is in town to spend a few days with family and friends (her and my b-i-l just recently moved to Florida). Mark & Benita decided to take us to eat BBQ. As we were leaving, Aleeyah noticed a pig statue and Mark promptly propped her up on it. She thought it was too funny. The picture was taken with Mark's cell phone-so it's not the best, but I think it's funny that she really looks like she is riding it-like you would a bull!

Thanks Mark for sharing the picture!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

How do you eat your spaghetti?

Here I am yesterday trying to get Aleeyah and myself ready to go to a friends house. Aleeyah had been playing in her sandbox after our run to the park. So she more than needed a bath. I got her all cleaned up and we had just enough time to eat and then get her dressed to go. I sit Aleeyah down at the table for some spaghetti while I go get cleaned up. I come back in and this is what I see!

I soon realized-one should not let their child eat spaghetti when they are trying to get to somewhere at a specified time. I would have never imagined that a 2 1/2 year old could make such a mess with spaghetti! Believe it or not-there was a fork involved. She was too cute to not a take a picture though! Next time-peanut butter sandwich!

Easter Candy Overload!

Chris got home from New York Saturday night and we went out to find Aleeyah white dress shoes and a sweater. Even with it being the night before Easter, we were in luck and found what we needed on our first attempt. I was ready to face my consequences of waiting until the last minute and was prepared to search the world over for these items-Children's Place had 1 white sweater left and it happened to be Aleeyah's size! I'll be honest-I thanked God for this little gift He gave us.

We had a really good Easter. We had decided not to host the Easter festivities like we normally do because Chris was only home for 1 day from New York. So it was small and quiet, but a good time nonetheless. After church we had our annual Egg Hunt. We had roughly 13,000 eggs! There is no hiding eggs when you have that many. So after Aleeyah's basket was full we headed on home to for our Easter festivities. Chris' parents came over for chicken and burgers. They left before we had a chance to do the egg hunt so we decided to wait until after naptime to do the hunt. We did get some kit flying time in before we laid her down. I redeemed myself from last time I attempted this as the kite flew as high as our string would allow. The Easter bunny came while Aleeyah was napping, so once she woke up she was excited to get outside to find the eggs that he had left her. We were able to hide them a little more than last year so it was fun to watch her try and find them.

Overall, it was a different Easter than normal. Growing up, Easter was a big family event and I never would have imagined just our little family of 3 hunting eggs, but we made the most of it and really enjoyed our time together. Aleeyah's Pee-Paw and her Aunt Lauren did call (they live out of state) to wish her a Happy Easter and I was very thankful for that.

Now, hopefully soon, all the candy will be gone and we will get back to the times that Aleeyah didn't ask me for candy daily! The fact that I keep throwing some of it away here and there should help. I hope everyone else had a fabulous Easter!

Eggs to dye for!!!

Cheesy title-I know! Aleeyah really enjoyed dying the Easter eggs this year. It was the first year that she could really get involved without dumping the dye across the table (which almost happened last year). She didnt quite understand the idea of not dropping the eggs into the cups full of staining liquid, but we all came out stain free! Well, there isn't a whole lot I can say about our Egg dying party so enjoy the pictures!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Greetings to God, Turtles Knocking, & Hair Like a Princess!

Just to lay it out there. The picture just to the left is currently what I am looking at as I am writing this blog. It's an absolutely beautiful day in Oklahoma. I decided (while Aleeyah is sleeping) I would sneak off to the backyard for a bit of quiet time.

Of course, lately, any day that is warmer than 60 degrees we try to spend it outside. So we did just that today. This morning, Benita (Chris' mom) stayed at the house while I went and got some stuff done for church. They played with blocks, hopped on the stepping stones, and even said Hi to God way up in the sky. I couldn't take missing out on the fun and came home to enjoy my time with them. We blew bubbles and took a little walk by the pond. Aleeyah enjoyed watching the turtles stick their tiny, little heads out of the water. She loves to point out the birds which there are always plenty. We even ATTEMPTED to fly a kite. It was sad and we even had an audience across the pond to laugh at our efforts. It felt nice to be able to get outside and soak up the sun!

Our neighborhood is built around a pond and I have to say I have really been enjoying looking at it over the last couple of months. Out of the 8 years that we have lived here, I ha vent really appreciated it like I do now. Maybe it is for the fact that the city just recently started taking care of it-mowing, treating the weeds, and providing trash cans for the fishers. It could be the fact that Aleeyah is getting old enough to enjoy it.

It sometimes seems weird to me that a place that can be so relaxing can also bring so much craziness. Between the beavers taking out my weeping willow tree and attacking my cat through the window to the fire that started just beyond our back gate which left us without our home and most of our belongings for a few months. Neighbors shooting beavers, geese laying eggs behind our bushes, water turtles knocking at our front door, and of course, the live turkey waiting on our front door step 2 days before Thanksgiving is only some of our adventures at the Hamblin Homestead. In some ways I will miss it when we move. I don't love my house, but I love the memories that it given us. Chris and I built it just a year after we got married. We have had many pets which include hamsters, fish, an iguana, dogs, a cat, and a bird. And of course, there is our little Aleeyah who doesn't seem to be so little anymore.

Well, I guess that is it for now. For your enjoyment-the only pictures I have for this week. I straightened Aleeyah's hair (trying to decide what we are doing with it for Easter) and Chris asked me to take pictures for him (he is currently in New York on Long Island-which Aleeyah and I may very well get to go visit with him in the next month :), but more on that later!). I didn't realize how long her hair was and it really made me see how uneven it is. She hasn't ever had it cut so I figured it would be a little off, but it's pretty uneven. After we straightened it, she kept swaying her head back and forth so it would brush against her back and arms. We kept calling it her princess hair. She is such a girl!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Fantastic Weekend!

Well, we had a fantastic weekend! It was busy, but we made the most of it. Friday night we had some friends over for Mexican food, BROWNIES (I love brownies), and games. Aleeyah got to stay up later than normal and Chris and I didn't hit the bed until after 4am. So we were exhausted once we tried to peel ourselves out of bed on Saturday morning, but my dad made biscuits in gravy-which made it easier to up!

My dad was here this weekend and we got to spend a lot of time together which was great! Some friends of ours from church are moving to Wichita soon so Sundays night some of the guys came over for a gaming party. We are sad to see them moving, but so happy for them to be close to their family! Dad took Aleeyah and I to the movies to see Horton Hears a Who. This was the first time Aleeyah went to the big theatre. When she walked in the theatre she just kept saying, "WOW"! She did great and sat still the entire time, watching the movie and chowing down on her popcorn and coke (yes, I actually let her have coke). She looked like such a big girl and I think she loved every moment of it. Of course, we had a whole lot going on this weekend, but these were the highlights. Overall, I feel like we got to spend a lot of quality time with each other as a family and with our friends.

Things are going good around here. Aleeyah is turning into a little girl more and more everyday. She loves to read off letters from the TV, signs, shirts, crayons-pretty much anything that has letters. It's a fun game for her. Now she has got all but a couple of them down. We are going to start back at potty training again soon. We tried before, but she didn't seem ready. I didn't want to push her on it so we gave it up for a little while. I think she will be more ready this time.

Chris is going to be looking for a new job soon. We are very excited about this for various reasons. We also have some anxiety about it, but we realize that God has preparing our hearts and minds for this for a while now. So we are excited to see what He has in store for us!

My fun time playing with kids "job" is still going great! The other day, one of the kids told me he had missed me (he missed a couple of Sundays and Wednesdays) and it just melted my heart. I had sent him a card telling him I missed him, but for him to tell me the same was great! It reminded me of why I love working with kids. Children don't, typically, hide their feelings so when they don't like you-you know, BUT when they DO like you-you know that too!

Well, I guess that is all about us right now! I will try to get some pictures of the girl this week and post them up.

I hope all is well with everyone else!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Geese go Honk, Honk.....

As usual, things around here have been quite busy this week. I won't go into details about the craziness that is about to encompass our weekend, BUT we did decide to just hang out tonight. We took Aleeyah out in the backyard to see and feed a couple of geese. Spring will be here before we know it and the pond will be filled with them every morning. We haven't ever let her go out and feed them before because during the Spring they can be pretty aggressive to protect their young. She enjoyed feeding them and I think they were enjoying it themselves. They don't typically get as close as these did tonight. Of course, we took pictures which you can see below.

We have some exciting news in our family! Well, it is exciting for us. After 3 years of really working on becoming debt free-we have made it!!! The only thing we owe on is our house! Which means we are getting closer to being able to build our house on some acreage. We are still in the saving stage, but we plan on starting to talk to builders and doing our research soon-giving ourselves an ample amount of time to plan. This is the house we want to raise Aleeyah and any future children in so a lot of time will be spent figuring out what we really want. Every time I think about living on the outskirts of the city, I think about being able to see more stars than what I can see from our current house. I know it means more bugs and rodents, but I want to be able to see the stars. I want Aleeyah to know what a shooting star looks like. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but every time I go outside at night-I always look up to see the stars. So we are very excited to reach this time in our lives!

Aleeyah is in bed sleeping so now it's time for us to get some things done!
Here are the pictures I promised!

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