Monday, February 4, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....

Well, things have been going well at the Hamblin house. Aleeyah hasn't asked about Tony since my last post. I guess somethings-she just doesnt notice or remember. Speaking of remembering-Aleeyah is continuing to amaze us. Her words are coming together more than ever and she can recognize almost all the letters in the alphabet. Just the other day, I asked her what sound a S makes. She said, "sssssssss" and I asked "Are you sure it doesn't go guh (sound of a G) and she said "No, guh is G, G-guh". I can hold up different letters and she will tell me what most of them are and she can pick the rest out when I ask her where they are. But the little stinker has her moments where she doesn't want to cooperate and then she acts like she doesn't know them. Sometimes I think she just doesn't want to slow down to think about it. We were driving home from watching the super bowl yesterday and she kept reading the letters off the dash. She would say, "there is an O, there is a F, there is a F" (on the dash it said off). We were proud of her, but she continuted to read the letters on the dash the ENTIRE way home! I see it driving me crazy in the near future.

Thankfully, we have had some nice weather the last few days, BUT tomorrow brings more cold weather. We have really been enjoying the warmer weather though. The day before yesterday we took Aleeyah outside to ride her bike, 4 wheeler, and Jeep. (pictures below) She had a blast. She did a great job riding her bike. She has the pedaling down, but she definately needs to work on her steering. She is finally enjoying riding in her Jeep with Bear(she use to be scared of it when she pushed the pedal). Watching her put Bear in his seatbelt and getting him situated before she got in, was absolutely adorable and I later realized that I should have brought the video camera out. Maybe on the next warm day we will do that and I can share. She would get herself and Bear belted in, turn on the radio, and then yell back at us, "I love you, be back in a bit, byyeeee" then take off steering like a crazy lady! It gave me a little glimpse of the future and it was rather scary!

Today, Aleeyah and I went to the park with my friend, Kandi and her son, Trey. The weather was in the mid 70s-a beautiful day to go. It seemed like everyone had the idea to go because the park was packed. The kids had fun (sorry I didnt bring my camera) and I always enjoy talking to Kandi. Adult conversation is always enjoyable! When I talk to her-it does make me think twice about complaining about Chris' job and the fact that he has to travel all the time and isn't home to help me. She is pregnant with their second baby and her husband is in the Airforce. He has to travel for weeks at a time, but most of all-he isn't scheduled to be home when the baby is due. I can't even imagine the emotional stress this is putting on both of them. At least, when Chris is gone-he is typically home for the weekend AND we aren't pregnant! So it makes me thankful for Chris' current job and even more thankful for his past job that didn't require traveling-an 8 to 5 job so he was home in the evening to be with us. Be praying for them-if you will.

Alright-it's getting late and we are going to have a long day tomorrow. I hope everyone is doing well! Enjoy the pics!

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