Friday, January 25, 2008

Florida, Princesses, & Resting Fish

I've been meaning to stop by and write a few lines about the past week, but I'm just sitting down to do it. It seems like a lot has happened this week.

Well, Josh and Lauren (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) left early Wednesday morning to move to Florida. Josh has to go there for some training that will take about a year or so. So, of course, Lauren is going with him. It kind of snuck up on me and I wasn't quite ready for them to leave, yet. Lauren came and picked up Aleeyah from school early the other day so that they could go play at the park. It happened to be a beautiful day out and they had a really good time. Even though Aleeyah always asks, "Where's Josh?" when she sees Lauren, she really does enjoy playing with her Aunt Warren (as Aleeyah says). We will miss them a lot while they are gone, but hope they will be back here soon.

Last night we were scheduled to have our pictures taken for our church directory. Of course, pictures means getting beautified. I went in for a much needed haircut and I'm definately happy with it. She did a really good job. Aleeyah's Mimi and Papa got her a new dress to wear for the pictures and she loved it. Last night she was twirling around in it. The photographer kept calling her princess and her smile from ear to ear was a give away that she was enjoying it. Chris got exactly what he would have wanted-not to spend money on him. The pictures turned out pretty good and they got a really cute one of Aleeyah by herself. I am excited to get them back, but we have to wait 3 weeks. We have never had our family pictures taken in a studio and it's really hard for me to take them myself-so it will be nice to finally have. I will scan them and post them once I get them back.

Aleeyah's fish died sometime Tuesday night. We have had him since April 25th, 2007. His name was Tony. On Tuesday night, I changed out his water like I have done for a long time-nothing different. A few hours later, he wasn't looking so good. Before Aleeyah went to bed she came into the kitchen and saw him laying down on the rocks. She asked if he was sleeping and I told her that Tony was sick. She mumbled something and then said he was sleeping. She kissed him through his bowl and said night, night. Before we layed her down for bed we said our prayers which included asking God to be with Tony. The next morning we woke up and he was gone. She came into the kitchen and asked if he was sleeping again. To be honest, I kind of avoided the question. Tonight she went looking for him and again-we diverted her attention to something else. I don't really know how to explain it to her other than he is gone. At least she doesn't really understand right now. We could be out trying to find a new "Tony" before she notices that her fish is floating on top of the water.

The pictures are of Tony and Aleeyah when we got him. He was a good fish. Always quiet and well behaved.
I hope everyone has a good weekend! Be good and drive safe!!!

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