Friday, January 25, 2008

Florida, Princesses, & Resting Fish

I've been meaning to stop by and write a few lines about the past week, but I'm just sitting down to do it. It seems like a lot has happened this week.

Well, Josh and Lauren (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) left early Wednesday morning to move to Florida. Josh has to go there for some training that will take about a year or so. So, of course, Lauren is going with him. It kind of snuck up on me and I wasn't quite ready for them to leave, yet. Lauren came and picked up Aleeyah from school early the other day so that they could go play at the park. It happened to be a beautiful day out and they had a really good time. Even though Aleeyah always asks, "Where's Josh?" when she sees Lauren, she really does enjoy playing with her Aunt Warren (as Aleeyah says). We will miss them a lot while they are gone, but hope they will be back here soon.

Last night we were scheduled to have our pictures taken for our church directory. Of course, pictures means getting beautified. I went in for a much needed haircut and I'm definately happy with it. She did a really good job. Aleeyah's Mimi and Papa got her a new dress to wear for the pictures and she loved it. Last night she was twirling around in it. The photographer kept calling her princess and her smile from ear to ear was a give away that she was enjoying it. Chris got exactly what he would have wanted-not to spend money on him. The pictures turned out pretty good and they got a really cute one of Aleeyah by herself. I am excited to get them back, but we have to wait 3 weeks. We have never had our family pictures taken in a studio and it's really hard for me to take them myself-so it will be nice to finally have. I will scan them and post them once I get them back.

Aleeyah's fish died sometime Tuesday night. We have had him since April 25th, 2007. His name was Tony. On Tuesday night, I changed out his water like I have done for a long time-nothing different. A few hours later, he wasn't looking so good. Before Aleeyah went to bed she came into the kitchen and saw him laying down on the rocks. She asked if he was sleeping and I told her that Tony was sick. She mumbled something and then said he was sleeping. She kissed him through his bowl and said night, night. Before we layed her down for bed we said our prayers which included asking God to be with Tony. The next morning we woke up and he was gone. She came into the kitchen and asked if he was sleeping again. To be honest, I kind of avoided the question. Tonight she went looking for him and again-we diverted her attention to something else. I don't really know how to explain it to her other than he is gone. At least she doesn't really understand right now. We could be out trying to find a new "Tony" before she notices that her fish is floating on top of the water.

The pictures are of Tony and Aleeyah when we got him. He was a good fish. Always quiet and well behaved.
I hope everyone has a good weekend! Be good and drive safe!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Rewarding Week

Well, this week has been a good week and full of rewards. That might sound a little weird and this blog may be a bit cheesy, but here I go anyway.

Aleeyah was having problems napping at Mother's Day Out for the last few weeks. I try really hard to keep her to her napping schedule. I dont want her to get confused on when she is suppose to be sleeping. I don't like even going a day without one because she is pretty darn stubborn and if she gets it set in her mind that she doesn't want to take a nap-she wont! Plus, the girl NEEDS her naps-if she doesnt nap in the afternoon-it makes for a very rough evening. Well, it occured to me that they start laying her down for a nap between 11:30 and 12:00. She doesnt get up until 8:45-9:00. So no wonder she wasnt sleeping. She had only been up for 3hours at the most! For the last week I have been waking her up between 7:30-8:00 and she is back to napping!! ahhhhh.....that feels good!

Another one of our rewards comes in the form of time with a 6' 4" man. Chris was gone over this last weekend. He was working in North Dakota. We aren't use to him being gone over a weekend and it seemed to weigh on me more than usual. BUT since he was gone over the weekend he had today off work and will have off tomorrow. I have already put a lot of hours in this week (because I am SUPER excited about our VBS and Day Camp coming this summer and I can't put the stuff down!!!) so I am going to clean in the morning and spend the rest of the afternoon with Chris. Chris is going to take Aleeyah to school-so we can have an adult afternoon. We have no clue as to what we are going to do, but either way-I'm sure it will be fun!

Tonight, I felt a bit frazzled because I had been trying to keep the kids from running through the halls and through the pitch black auditorium before Bible class. They were overall more energized than the usual. Well, a couple of minutes before it was time to go down and get them pumped for class, I was standing there talking to a group of kids. And all the sudden, one of the boys(not one that I was talking to) came up and wrapped his arms around my waste and gave me a hug. It was completely, unexpected! Now if that isnt a reward-I dont know what is. God has given me this great oppurtunity to build relationships with these children and so many more out there. Relationships that will help develop the ultimate relationsip-the one with God. It's becoming more and more clear to me that He has allowed things to happen in my life so that I can be better equipped to touch the lives of each child and to handle the relationships that it brings. I guess right now, I just feel blessed! There aren't many more words I could use to describe it.

I have to say that I have really enjoyed this week. I have strengthened some relationships, realized just how much I LOVE my "job", and have felt an overall sense of great happiness.

Well, it's getting late and it's going to be a busy day tomorrow!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tropical Paradise anyone?

I thought it was about time for an update. Things have been going well around here. I am still loving my job and Chris is off to North Dakota for a site move. Aleeyah went back to school this last week. I am glad to get back to our schedule. I have found that although I love to be at home with her, I love being able to feel the sense of accomplishment outside of the home. I get a lot done when she is at school and she is gaining so much from it. She is recognizing her numbers and letters, starting to count higher than 10, and her overall comprehension has vastly improved. I do think some of that is because she is getting older and things are starting to click, but I think school is really helping, also.

I think we are all ready for winter to be over. Even though tornado season follows winter, I am ready! I hate being cooped up in the house. I look at my car that needs to be washed or my dead flowers that need to be pulled and then I look to the sky wondering when I will ever be able to feel the warmth of the sun again! I know it will come soon enough and I will be singing a different tune, but for now-I don't want to wait. I saw a picture of a friend taken while she was vacationing with the sun (I dont remember where it was, but it sounded fabulous to me). The picture showed her arms stretched towards the sky with the sun beating down on her face. I was so envious. It seems like it has been years since I felt that feeling. Granted it has only been a few months, but just go with me.

Well, we did have a beautiful day the other day (not quite a sun beating down kind of day) and we took Aleeyah to the park. Because of the yucky weather, we haven't been in quite a while. She had a blast and we played until it was dark. You could tell all the kids were glad to be outside playing! The picture is her at the park and it was getting dark when I took them-so they didn't turn out very well. She was NOT excited about leaving. We sheepishly promised we would come back soon-we just don't know how soon! I guess we will just have to pray for the warm weather to get here quick.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! If you made a new year's resolution-I wish you luck! I didn't make any this year, but that doesn't mean I don't have some goals in mind. I am just afraid if I call them resolutions, I won't get them done! :)

Alright, I got to get the princess to bed for her beauty sleep! And I guess I should get Aleeyah to bed, too! ha ha

Ahhhhh.....a relaxing Christmas!

We spent Christmas day at home which was very nice. In the morning, after the princess awoke-we opened presents. Presents and Aleeyah this year was the best! This is really the first year she really got into them. She got a lot of really cool stuff and her daddy even got her a bike! Something I wasn't even expecting! We pretty much spent the day playing and enjoying our time together.

Well, I didn't get a ton of pictures of the girl this year opening her gifts (okay, that really means-there are only 102 pictures of Christmas morning instead of the normal 250!! ha ha). A lot of times my mind is so focused on getting pictures for her to enjoy later in life that I forget to enjoy the moment. So I made a vow to myself to avoid that this year! Anyways, enjoy the pics!

Sprinkles, Sprinkles and.....more Sprinkles???

I know it is a bit late, but better late than never...right? Well, we had the family over Christmas Eve for finger foods and such. We had a good time and I do have to say that I loved not having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In fact, Chris and my Dad did the cooking that I thought I was going to have to do. I was pretty excited about that! Then after we ate and did presents, the kids made cookies for Santa. Or maybe I should say, they made sprinkle blobs (with a little bit of dough underneath)! I do have to say that trying to help 5 kids with fistfuls of sprinkles by yourself means a huge mess, but the kids really enjoyed it! Well, enjoy the pics. I do have a couple more posts with pictures that I will post soon!

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