Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More baby talk!

As if it wasn't bad enough that the Carter's had a baby that is too stinkin' cute causing me to feel a little tug in my heart for another baby, my friend Lisa had her too stinkin' cute baby yesterday morning!!! I went to go see them at the hospital this evening and baby Logan is adorable! I only got to see big brother Jaden for a few minutes, but Lisa was telling me stories and it really sounded like Jaden was happy to have a his little brother. Lisa seemed pretty tired and medicine-headed, but looked good. I'm so happy for them!

Another friend of mine just told me about a week ago that she is pregnant again. I am so excited for them! They are such good parents and even though it was a shock to them, I know that everything will work out. They really don't have family that lives here, but I am hoping that she takes me up on my offer to help with whatever I can.

For me, my head has been spinning and thinking hmmm....baby?.....BUT, noone get excited, I am trying to ignore the tug and look past their o' so precious little faces and see my toddler in all her crazyness!! Aleeyah is a wonderful child, but I just can't imagine lugging one around in a carrier while trying to keep Aleeyah from running into the street! Children aren't a bad thing. In fact, I have always loved babies and children, but I more question my ability to be a mother of multiple children. Maybe it will all come in time-whatever that sentence may mean! ha ha.

Unfortunately, in my rush to meet Lauren and her parents for dinner, I ran out of the house without my camera this evening. I didn't get any pictures of Logan so a picture of Lisa and I at her baby shower will have to suffice (sorry about the quality, I stole it from her myspace).

Until next time, NO MORE BABIES-I don't know how much more I can resist!!!

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