Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jesus Loves Me!!!

We had our children's Christmas program at church scheduled for this morning. Yesterday afternoon, snow and ice hit and I began to get worried that church would get cancelled. There are several congregations that cancelled, but thankfully, Oakcrest didn't. We were lacking a bunch of kids though due to the storm and family traveling. Overall, the kids did a wonderful job and I saw quite a few of them smiling from ear to ear. We brought the younger kids up on stage with the others for the finale. Aleeyah was among those. I must admit, I don't think I saw any other kids once Aleeyah went up there. I was giddly happy to see her up in front of the congregation being able to hold herself together to sing Jesus Loves Me AND she was actually singing it! She stood there like she has done it a thousand times. Collette had her arm around Aleeyah most of the time-as if to say, this is my friend! It was too cute!

Here is some pics of Aleeyah before we left this morning. She loved her dress-she is such a girl! I will have to get a couple of pics from Collette's Mom, Kellie from the program this morning so I can share those also.

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