Sunday, December 9, 2007

3 days of sobriety

Three days ago, we had an intervention with Aleeyah. We have been dreading this endeavor for quite some time, but her addiction to her pacie has gone long enough. Luckily, she still sucks on it instead of just chewing on it-so this makes our job easier. I made the jump and "broke" her pacie by putting holes in it. She immediately realized something was wrong. She took it out of her mouth with a "hhhmmm" while she inspected the broken pacie. She asked for another so I gave her another broken one. After 2 broken ones, she gave up until nap time. Nap time was rough and she cried and cried and then cried some more. I don't know that she ever got a nap. She just didn't understand why they all the sudden weren't working. That night it took about an hour and a half for her to get to sleep.

Day 2 went much better. I left them out during the day so that she would see them, pick them up, and discover they were still not fixed. She did that a few times. She would look at them and say "trash". She hasn't actually thrown them away, but I do see that in the near future. She did ask for them at nap time and bedtime, but was understanding when I told her they were broken and went to sleep fine.

Today, I feel was a good day in that she never even asked for them. She saw one of them sitting on the floor, but she never even picked it up or asked about it. I think she really gets that they are broken and they aren't ever going to fixed. At both nap time and bedtime she went right to sleep without asking for them. To be honest, I am shocked. She loved her pacies. I never thought it would have gone this well. Hopefully, we keep on this same track.

Just another sign that our baby is turning into a little girl! The picture is of our baby Aleeyah, taken over 2 years ago!

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