Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jesus Loves Me!!!

We had our children's Christmas program at church scheduled for this morning. Yesterday afternoon, snow and ice hit and I began to get worried that church would get cancelled. There are several congregations that cancelled, but thankfully, Oakcrest didn't. We were lacking a bunch of kids though due to the storm and family traveling. Overall, the kids did a wonderful job and I saw quite a few of them smiling from ear to ear. We brought the younger kids up on stage with the others for the finale. Aleeyah was among those. I must admit, I don't think I saw any other kids once Aleeyah went up there. I was giddly happy to see her up in front of the congregation being able to hold herself together to sing Jesus Loves Me AND she was actually singing it! She stood there like she has done it a thousand times. Collette had her arm around Aleeyah most of the time-as if to say, this is my friend! It was too cute!

Here is some pics of Aleeyah before we left this morning. She loved her dress-she is such a girl! I will have to get a couple of pics from Collette's Mom, Kellie from the program this morning so I can share those also.

Lights, Lasers, and Booms!

Well, yesterday we went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We decided to take Aleeyah this year without really knowing how she was going to do. It was kind of funny because the moment we walked in the building she was asking about Elmo. She remembered that we went there to see Elmo-just from the building. She has quite a little memory! The show was really good-as it normally is. Aleeyah actually did really well. She just sat and watched for a long time, but then started to get restlesss towards the end. She seemed like such a big kid watching the show. We were really proud of how well she did!

The year before last, we had tickets way, way, way up at the top. One of the ladies beside me actually started crying and flipping out because she was scared of heights. You couldn't see a thing either. This year Chris called me up and asked if we wanted to take Aleeyah to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and after we talked about that, I told him to try to get a little better seats than last time. He did much better and bought floor seats. It was nice to be able to see it this year!

Well, here is a couple of pictures of the girl from before we left. She didn't really want to have her picture taken so this is as good as it gets!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

6 more days and still more to be done!

Well, we finally did it-we decorated the tree! Chris had been sick and then Aleeyah got sick, but sick or not we needed to get it done! I can say Aleeyah had a blast and never showed any signs of not feeling well! I never expected her to enjoy it as much as she did. She put on almost every ornament and following with a big YEAH and clapping. She would run over to the box, grab an ornament, then hop up on the step stool to put it on the tree. Sometimes her daddy would lift her high to put the ones on the top of the tree. She loved that! It was so funny watching her! We did get some video of it, but Chris is still working on editing it. Well, here are the pictures. I wish that I could have had all of you here so see the excitement in her face each time she put one on-the pictures just don't capture those moments!

I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas! More pictures I am sure will follow!

Enjoy the show

Friday, December 14, 2007

More pacifier talk

Well, today is day 8 of pacifier sobriety for Aleeyah! She hasnt asked for them or talked about them in 6 days!!! I am amazed at how easy it actually was. Another reason why I don't know if I want to have another kid-she has been so easy. Would I get this lucky again? I mean-she started sleeping through the night when she was a month old, transitioning to her toddler bed was no problem, and it took basically 24 hours to break her from her pacifier. Yeah, with the transitioning to her toddler bed we have a rough day every great once in a while, but for the most part when we lay her down for naps and bedtime she stays in there and goes to sleep. I guess because of the horror stories I've been told and seen, I just always expect the worst when it comes to new "adventures" with her.

I just wanted to give a quick update! I will probably be posting more pictures tomorrow. We are FINALLY going to put up our tree. I am just now starting to feel in the mood for Christmas. Seeing as how it is only 2 weeks away-I need to be getting in the mood! ha ha

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's a whoppin' 34 degrees outside!

As I promised last night, there are more ice pictures!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

Brrrrrrrr!!!!! Today, we had an ice storm hit and we were stuck indoors all day. Because it is Sunday, we were planning on attending church this morning and we had big parent meeting scheduled for after church. This is something we have spent a lot of time preparing for, BUT I was a wee bit nervous about it anyway.

Due to the ice and Chris being sick he isn't catching his flight tomorrow morning. YEAH!!! Being a single mom Mon-Fri gets old QUICK, Aleeyah hates her daddy being gone, and I know he doesn't enjoy it a whole lot either. Like I said, Chris is sick. He has been for 3 weeks or more now. Aleeyah and I took him to the Urgent Care on Saturday and they determined he has bronchitis. He got lots of medicine and two shots in his hiney! We are all just ready for him to get back to his normal self.
I took some pictures, but they didn't turn out good because it is dark outside and I couldn't really see what I was shooting at. If it is still real icy in the morning, I will try to get some better ones.

3 days of sobriety

Three days ago, we had an intervention with Aleeyah. We have been dreading this endeavor for quite some time, but her addiction to her pacie has gone long enough. Luckily, she still sucks on it instead of just chewing on it-so this makes our job easier. I made the jump and "broke" her pacie by putting holes in it. She immediately realized something was wrong. She took it out of her mouth with a "hhhmmm" while she inspected the broken pacie. She asked for another so I gave her another broken one. After 2 broken ones, she gave up until nap time. Nap time was rough and she cried and cried and then cried some more. I don't know that she ever got a nap. She just didn't understand why they all the sudden weren't working. That night it took about an hour and a half for her to get to sleep.

Day 2 went much better. I left them out during the day so that she would see them, pick them up, and discover they were still not fixed. She did that a few times. She would look at them and say "trash". She hasn't actually thrown them away, but I do see that in the near future. She did ask for them at nap time and bedtime, but was understanding when I told her they were broken and went to sleep fine.

Today, I feel was a good day in that she never even asked for them. She saw one of them sitting on the floor, but she never even picked it up or asked about it. I think she really gets that they are broken and they aren't ever going to fixed. At both nap time and bedtime she went right to sleep without asking for them. To be honest, I am shocked. She loved her pacies. I never thought it would have gone this well. Hopefully, we keep on this same track.

Just another sign that our baby is turning into a little girl! The picture is of our baby Aleeyah, taken over 2 years ago!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Winkle, Winkle Little Car

I found out some of you haven't seen this video before. This was from a few months ago and she knows it a lot better now. I will try to get a new video soon.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More baby talk!

As if it wasn't bad enough that the Carter's had a baby that is too stinkin' cute causing me to feel a little tug in my heart for another baby, my friend Lisa had her too stinkin' cute baby yesterday morning!!! I went to go see them at the hospital this evening and baby Logan is adorable! I only got to see big brother Jaden for a few minutes, but Lisa was telling me stories and it really sounded like Jaden was happy to have a his little brother. Lisa seemed pretty tired and medicine-headed, but looked good. I'm so happy for them!

Another friend of mine just told me about a week ago that she is pregnant again. I am so excited for them! They are such good parents and even though it was a shock to them, I know that everything will work out. They really don't have family that lives here, but I am hoping that she takes me up on my offer to help with whatever I can.

For me, my head has been spinning and thinking, noone get excited, I am trying to ignore the tug and look past their o' so precious little faces and see my toddler in all her crazyness!! Aleeyah is a wonderful child, but I just can't imagine lugging one around in a carrier while trying to keep Aleeyah from running into the street! Children aren't a bad thing. In fact, I have always loved babies and children, but I more question my ability to be a mother of multiple children. Maybe it will all come in time-whatever that sentence may mean! ha ha.

Unfortunately, in my rush to meet Lauren and her parents for dinner, I ran out of the house without my camera this evening. I didn't get any pictures of Logan so a picture of Lisa and I at her baby shower will have to suffice (sorry about the quality, I stole it from her myspace).

Until next time, NO MORE BABIES-I don't know how much more I can resist!!!
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