Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New housing....$130, New keyboard...$13, Covered under warrany....PRICELESS!!!

As some of you already know, I have a special relationship with my laptop. After many hours of suffering through the torture of a 2 year old and her obsession of playing the Elmo game online, my laptop (whom we will call Spike for this blogging purpose) suffered his first real injury. You could call it a flesh wound or a minor cosmetic injury, but injured none the less. To set the stage, I had walked out of the room to do something important, I am sure, and I return to find that Aleeyah has gracefully plucked approximately 8-10 keys from Spike. After her beating (KIDDING, of course) I began assembling all the keys back to their rightful spot-all but one. The number 9 will never see his return because he was brutally broken. So there his story begins.

Well, last night I went to go close the lid and then I heard a crack. I let go immediately and took a moment to look at what just happened. The casing around the LCD screen is busted and Spike remains in an open state. Something is seriously wrong with the hinge. I called Chris, ridiculously, almost in tears because Spike is broken. Now my thought is, Spike is still fairly new even in computer years, a new laptop is not currently in the budget, AND I use my laptop for everything including work. Chris reassures me that all the parts can be ordered separately to get it fixed. This made me feel a bit better.

After doing some research online for parts, Chris had the brilliant idea to check the service tag to see if it was still under warranty and IT WAS!!! I chatted online with the tech for about 15-20 minutes and in 1-2 days a tech will be coming to wherever I am to fix my broken housing, the hinges, AND my keyboard for FREE!!!!

Moral of the story: Check to see if you're still covered under warranty!!!!

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