Wednesday, November 7, 2007

2nd week of this school stuff!

Well, today began Aleeyah's 2nd week of school. I've only broke down once and cried because she didn't want to be left. Typically, this wouldn't be a problem and I would just leave and know that she would be fine, but she has also really been struggling with Chris being gone all the time for work. She asks daily where he is and she cries for him, saying she wants her Daddy. It is really heartbreaking and then I go and leave her at Mother's Day Out. She seems to be doing okay so far. Today was her first day to take a nap on her mat!!!! This is huge for us because she has always slept in her bed for naps and now she has to sleep on a mat on the floor with a bunch of other kids. I didn't really think she would already be adjusted to her new sleeping arrangement! I hope that it wasn't just a freak thing today.

Sorry, I dont have any pictures for today. :(

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