Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sick, Sick Pickles

(For those of you that dont know, we have a quaker parrot named, Pickles.)

A few days ago Pickles starting getting quiet and not really as active. He is molting and I changed his diet to add fresh foods. Well, yesterday he started pooing blood, wouldn't eat or drink anything, was not making any noise, stayed perched by the side of the cage, and for the most part-was lifeless. Then sometime around 1:30 this morning he threw up.

I started to panic, looking up anything I can find on the internet. I wrapped Pickles up in a towel and layed him on my chest and he just slept and slept. I stayed up for quite sometime, not wanting to go to bed in fear of something happening to him throughout the night. I had a bad feeling I was going to loose him. I kept moving him to make sure he was okay, but got to thinking-no sleep isn't good for me or my sick, little guy. So I decided to put him back in his cage. We said a prayer together and I told him to hang on until tomorrow and we would get him better. And then I found a blanket to cover him up and went to bed crying like a baby.

My husband, Chris, woke me up this morning to tell me his usual love yous and byes. First thing I said, "Is Pickles alive?" He told me he was and I got up to make sure myself. The vet didnt get in until noon so I had to wait until then.

He had just been in the week before for loosing a toenail. He weighed in at 105 and today only 90. He was definately loosing weight. She said his toenail looked great and the infection was probably not caused by that incident. She said he had an "infection of the gut". She gave him a shot and sent me home with antibiotics. She also said give him junk food if I have to, but get him to eat! So this evening we came home with stuff he has never even seen before.

He has been eating and drinking a little at a time and I am happy it is something. He wont touch his new junk food, but continues to eat his pellets. He eats a little and sleeps alot. Sometimes he will stop and sleep on his bowl in between eating-like it just completely wears him out. He hasnt been opening his eyes all the way either. He just looks lethargic.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day for him. I give him antibiotics twice daily for a week. I am looking foward to my little roudy guy back! I made him a get well present tonight. I feel so bad for him. He doesnt seem to impressed right now, but I am hoping he will like it eventually!

The picture is of Pickles in his new hut!

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