Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sick, Sick Pickles

(For those of you that dont know, we have a quaker parrot named, Pickles.)

A few days ago Pickles starting getting quiet and not really as active. He is molting and I changed his diet to add fresh foods. Well, yesterday he started pooing blood, wouldn't eat or drink anything, was not making any noise, stayed perched by the side of the cage, and for the most part-was lifeless. Then sometime around 1:30 this morning he threw up.

I started to panic, looking up anything I can find on the internet. I wrapped Pickles up in a towel and layed him on my chest and he just slept and slept. I stayed up for quite sometime, not wanting to go to bed in fear of something happening to him throughout the night. I had a bad feeling I was going to loose him. I kept moving him to make sure he was okay, but got to thinking-no sleep isn't good for me or my sick, little guy. So I decided to put him back in his cage. We said a prayer together and I told him to hang on until tomorrow and we would get him better. And then I found a blanket to cover him up and went to bed crying like a baby.

My husband, Chris, woke me up this morning to tell me his usual love yous and byes. First thing I said, "Is Pickles alive?" He told me he was and I got up to make sure myself. The vet didnt get in until noon so I had to wait until then.

He had just been in the week before for loosing a toenail. He weighed in at 105 and today only 90. He was definately loosing weight. She said his toenail looked great and the infection was probably not caused by that incident. She said he had an "infection of the gut". She gave him a shot and sent me home with antibiotics. She also said give him junk food if I have to, but get him to eat! So this evening we came home with stuff he has never even seen before.

He has been eating and drinking a little at a time and I am happy it is something. He wont touch his new junk food, but continues to eat his pellets. He eats a little and sleeps alot. Sometimes he will stop and sleep on his bowl in between eating-like it just completely wears him out. He hasnt been opening his eyes all the way either. He just looks lethargic.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day for him. I give him antibiotics twice daily for a week. I am looking foward to my little roudy guy back! I made him a get well present tonight. I feel so bad for him. He doesnt seem to impressed right now, but I am hoping he will like it eventually!

The picture is of Pickles in his new hut!

Children, Red Yarn, & Firetrucks

I'm going to be honest-it is long. If you don't feel like reading it all (but please do consider it) then you can scroll down to the bottom for the slideshow from the zoo!!!

Aleeyah and I went to the zoo today with a friend of mine, Kandi and her son, Trey. We were celebrating Trey's 1st Birthday and it was an adventure to say the least. We met at McDonald's for a kid friendly lunch and then headed off to the zoo. The kids did extremely well at the zoo, especially considering their naps were interrupted. We had a fabulous time and were able to get some good shots of Aleeyah, Trey, and the animals. We strolled along and took our time looking and talking. It was by far, probably, the most relaxing trip to the zoo ever and the weather was beautiful. Our last stop was the Explorakeet exhibit. As Kandi kept dodging the flying Lorikeets, Aleeyah was calling them "ickles" (Pickles) and attempting to get them to step up onto her arm (which Pickles will now do). It was rather humorous. We decide that with dinner time coming, we should probably pack it up and head home. It's been pretty unadventurous so far.

Well, we get back to McDonalds-where Kandi's car is. We are too busy talking for me to notice that Kandi has "unlocked" the car doors because she is use to her car auto locking the doors after the car is put into drive. Well, she gets out and closes her door to get Trey. I also get out to help get everything out and then I shut my door because it was in the way of her car (which is normally something I don't do if there is a child in the car-even if all the doors are unlocked, just in case).

Well, as you can see where this is going-Kandi pulls on the handle to get Trey and the car is completely locked with our babies inside. Good thing is, we aren't having our scorching 100 degree heat and the car is running. So both our cell phones are in the car, along with everything else we own. Kandi runs inside McDonalds and uses the phone (where they told her not to call the fire department because they will just come out and bust out the window-not really something necessary at this point). They inform her there is a police officer in the area and he will be there soon. So we wait and wait and then we wait some more-no police officer. Trey is screaming because he doesn't understand what is going on. Aleeyah is doing pretty well considering.

Now, I know Aleeyah knows how to get out of her car seat, but of course, with me looking and the fear of getting in trouble-she won't listen to my pleas to unbuckle herself. BUT Kandi does do a mighty fine job singing I'm in the Lord's Army to the kids through the glass-with hand motions and all!! Aleeyah gets bored and finds some yarn to play with next to her car seat and she begins to unravel it. I guess I didn't really NEED it anyway. I thought about trying to get her to stop, but Trey was amused and not fussing while watching, so I thought I'd let it slide. Kandi and I are looking down the street, waiting for our heroes to rescue us and we are talking about how not cool this all is, but at least the kids are safe.

Then we turn around to find that Aleeyah has now wrapped the yarn around her neck multiple times and is giddily happy about it too. Fear starts setting in and Kandi runs back into McDonalds to find out why no one has come yet. While she is gone, Aleeyah starts pulling on the yarn trying to remove it from her neck and all I can see is the string getting tighter and tighter. I start banging on the window to get her attention and she is only getting more upset about the string wrapped around her neck and I start looking around for something to bust out my window. The moment she even looks like she is being strangled, me and the window are going to have a talk. And just as panic is starting to hit, the tow truck guy pulls up and Kandi comes out telling me the firemen are on their way because it has been too long. One way or another, we are getting them out. Just as the man unlocks the door, we hear the fire truck sirens in the distance and the angels from the Heavens were singing Hallelujah (or maybe it was just us). The firemen get there and Kandi explains and apologizes to the men and off they go to help other trapped babies and burning houses.

As we were unloading Trey and his stuff from the car, I remembered, I had his Birthday gift and I had to chuckle as I passed it to Kandi. With Trey wrapped in Kandi's arms, she told him it was his birthday present and tried to make the best of the moment. Laughter filled the car, when they opened up the bag to find a toy fire truck!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pickles' New Necklace

Well, long story short. Pickles lost a toe nail somehow. I was at home with him all day and never heard any signs of distress, but found drops of blood everywhere in and around his cage. I rushed him to the vet. An hour and 1/2 later, with 1 stitch and a new necklace-we were on our way home.

He is doing fine. He is eating and drinking well, but having difficulties navigating around his cage. I keep seeing all these "street" birds and think to myself-why does Pickles have to look like he is the one of them? Really some of them look better than him right now. We had to take him into the vet just a couple of weeks ago for a broken blood feather, he has completely shredded his tail, and now he has to wear a beautiful blue necklace because he has a stitch in his toe! But we love him-mangled and all!

The picture is of him and his necklace.
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