Friday, May 4, 2007

Aleeyah's 1st Trip to the ER

Chris, Aleeyah, and I decided to go to the zoo this afternoon. We were having what would probably be too good of a time when it when down hill, quickly! I started pushing Aleeyah's stroller away from us (on the strait, flat walkways or when we were going up hill-but definately not downhill) and then we would catch up to her and count to 3 and do it again. Then after I did it a few times-Chris started doing it.

Everyone was having fun-including Aleeyah who was giggling--UNTIL, all the sudden, the stroller makes a slight turn into the curb-which of course topples Aleeyah over where she then bashes her head into the concrete curb! Chris ran over to get her and unstrapped her and I immediately grab her. I looked at it and it had already swelled enough to stick about 1/2 an inch out from her head. Chris was really, really upset and felt horrible-to the point I thought he was going to start crying-SO I had to be the put together one and calm the both of them down.

We, immediately, went to the entrance and they called the Zoo medics. They took a look at her and did the little light thing in her eyes. They said her eyes weren't reacting as fast as they should, and the goose egg on her head was bad enough to warrant taking her to the emergency room. So we rush to the Children's hospital. She kept trying to fall asleep on the way-so to keep her awake, we called grandpa and she listened to him the entire way there. I was getting concerned because normally she loves to talk on the phone and she didnt say a single word to him the whole way there.

We get there (luckily they weren't real busy), after a couple of hours, they tell us she should be okay, just need to keep an eye on her and wake her up every 4 hours this evening. Then see how she is doing in the morning. On top of everything-she falls and hits her head 2 more times while we are at the hospital. I was considering buying the kid a helmet!

She seems to be doing much better now and in much better spirits now. I'm sure I will be up most of the evening waiting to wake her up then trying to get her back to sleep. It should be a fun evening!

I do have to say I was so proud of her-she was such a good girl at the hospital. She sat and let take her blood pressure and temperature, look in her eyes and ears, and sat incredibly still when they listened to her chest and back.

And I learned my lesson on having too much fun in the stroller!

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